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3D Printing In Manufacturing

Rapid Prototyping, Low Volume Production, Virtual Inventory



Before mass production of any product it is imperative to create one or few prototypes to test the structural aspects as well as functional aspects of the products. Prior to 3D Printing, this task used to take weeks together requiring coordination among multiple entities. But with 3D Printing, the prototyping process has become extremely fast and efficient. The designer can directly 3D Print the prototype right at his desk and do the necessary tests.


At times, a situation occurs wherein the manufacturer has to produce a small lot of pieces. But creating a mold for such small batch production is prohibitively expensive and time taking. In such cases, it is highly advisable and efficient to use 3D Printing technology to print the models. With 3D Printing, there is no need to create molds and we can print as many products as we want without any escalation to the costs.


Stocking spares is one major cost for any manufacturer and with every new product the manufacturer is supposed to set aside a sizable amount of funds to manufacture spares and store the same in multiple locations. With the help of 3D Printing, we can now maintain a digital repository of all spare parts and print them as and when they are required. This also increases the product life cycle of the machine and customers can support their products for a longer period of time.

Below are few manufacturing related models printed using FDM technology

Manufactured Part


High Performance Functional Material 3D Printer

Constant-temperature chamber

Chamber temperature over 70°C

High Temperature All Metal Nozzle

All metal hotend that can go upto temperature of 400°C

Functional Material Capability

Able to print PEEK, ULTEM (PEI), PC and many more