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3D Printing In Medicine

Pre Surgical Models, Surgical Guides, Custom Implants



Pre Surgical Models is one major application of 3D Printing in Medical industry. CT Scans can be easily converted into .STL files and be printed using 3D Printer. These 3D printed models help doctors reach an accurate diagnosis and determine the best treatment of that particular case. Doctors can discuss the issue with fellow doctors and even practice on the models before they go the surgery table. This helps reduce the operation failure rate drastically.


Surgical guides is another major application of 3D Printing technology. Surgical guides assist in insertion of implants into human body and thus these have to be very custom made to each person’s body shape and contours. With the help of 3D Printing, these guides can be easily manufactured and deployed at a much lower cost than any other conventional method of manufacturing.


3D Printing,PEEK 3D PRINTS can be used to create custom surgical implants. This technology is already being implemented in various surgical operations like Dentistry & Orthopedics. As each person’s body type is unique, it is almost impossible to create standard implants  that suit each person’s specific body dimensions. This is where 3D Printing comes into play. With the help of 3D Printing, we can create custom implants to suit a specific person’s body type. Generally Titanium and PEEK are used to create these implants as these materials are bio-compatible.

Below are few samples surgical models printed using our 3D printers


High Performance Functional Material 3D Printer

Constant-temperature chamber

Chamber temperature over 70°C

High Temperature All Metal Nozzle

All metal hotend that can go upto temperature of 400°C

Functional Material Capability

Able to print PEEK, ULTEM (PEI), PC and many more