Material Focused 3D Printing

We are constantly developing and testing new materials to certify to run on INTAMSYS 3D printers. If you are a material development company or have suggestions for materials you’d like us to evaluate, we’d love to hear from you.

Our mission is to provide access to industrial 3D printing with the widest variety of thermoplastics to give users filament freedom. By qualifying materials, it enables us to create a detailed set of instructions to optimize the printer’s parameters for each material type. This includes chamber & extruder temperature, extrusion pressure and speed, and many more automatic adjustments making the printing process simple and repeatable.

Customer Applications Enablement Program

INTAMSYS is proud to announce the launch of the Customer Application Enabling Program – filament manufacturer edition, to respond to the growing demand for a more simplified printing process using INTAMSYS FUNMAT Printers.

By partnering with top filament manufacturers, INTAMSYS provides preconfigured printer profiles for FUNMAT printers, ensuring high-quality 3D printing.

The key focus is customer applications and providing you with the best possible printer settings and material choices for your needs.

Here are some of our current filament partners:

Approved Material Partners


Approved Filaments

Get the Print Settings



Download ABS Settings

Download ASA Settings

ULTEM™ 9085

Download ULTEM 9085 Settings


ULTEM™ 1010

Download ULTEM 1010 Settings

Filament Manufacturers?

Are you a filament manufacturer who would like to partner with INTAMSYS? Please complete the form below, and our team will contact you.