• Ever juggled multiple slicing tasks across different slicer programs?
  • Still toggling print settings to find the optimal one without an efficient way to save and revisit them?
  • Ever made a print parameter change only to find no difference in slicing results due to its invalidity in your situation?
  • Struggling to achieve satisfactory print results for thin and complex components?
  • Looking for a comprehensive, user-friendly library to manage and distribute your varied print templates?

        INTAMSUITE NEO got you covered!

INTAMSUITE NEO is a cutting-edge and easy-to-use 3D printing package for designers, engineers and researchers, which is a new brand of 3D print preparation software from INTAMSYS. It is re-designed, refactored and programmed from scratch based on a rethink about the target users, usage scenarios and future plan, and will replace the existing slicing tool INTAMSUITE in due time. 

New Feature Highlights

Industrial CAD-Style User Experience

In step with mainstream industrial software, ribbon UI style is provided to reduce learning costs, and task-oriented workflow guidance can help both newcomers and experienced 3D printing users to get the job done easily. All print settings, models, and studies are well organized in a browser tree so that you can have an overview quickly at any time.


Project and Study based Workflow

INTAMSUITETM NEO empowers users with the ability to concurrently manage multiple projects and studies, revolutionizing productivity, flexibility, and time-efficiency. By consolidating multiple slicing tasks into one platform, users can effortlessly switch between tabs, significantly simplifying the printing workflow.


Comparative Study Analysis

This software offers a unique capability to compare studies within a project simultaneously. Users can effortlessly view and analyze multiple 3D printing designs, facilitating the identification of differences, similarities, and well-informed decision-making. This feature streamlines the design and evaluation process, resulting in time savings and elevated product quality.


Precise Result Assurance

In the complex realm of parameter adjustments within slicing software, INTAMSUITETM NEO stands as a beacon of reliability. It ensures precise results by incorporating dynamic print profile parameters and thoughtfully selected settings. Say goodbye to the frustration of modifying parameters without observing corresponding changes in slicing outcomes.

Automation and Intelligent Recommendations

INTAMSUITETM NEO introduces intelligent features, such as adaptive support blockers that automatically conform to the support surface volume and support material recommendations based on the primary material in use. These innovations significantly enhance print preparation efficiency, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


Organized Data Management

Experience unparalleled workflow efficiency and a superior overall user journey with INTAMSUITETM NEO’s meticulously organized browser and data management system. Seamless access to various options, studies, and data facilitates a smooth transition through the various stages of 3D printing, from model importation and creation to configuration, slicing, and printer communication.

template library

Templates Library

Built-in print profile templates for all our printers are provided with installation, and recommended ones of which are tested for thousands of hours to ensure reliable results by INTAMSYS. And you can customize your own with hundreds of settings for specific applications to speed up workflow and synchronize your team. All templates can be used at the click of a button and overridden or tuned in each study.

Standalone Remote Print app

Standalone Remote Print app

A standalone program is installed together with INTAMSUITE NEO and can be used for local print (control & monitoring) only, which makes you purely focus on the task then. It doesn’t depend on any slicer to run, as long as you have Gcode file prepared. 

3D Printers Available for INTAMSUITE NEO:






System Requirements

Windows 10 or higher
Intel® Core 2 or AMD Athlon® 64 processor; 2 GHz or faster processor
OpenGL 2.0-capable system
Recommend 8GB RAM, at least 4GB
2.0 GB or more of available hard-disk space
Recommend 1920*1680 or 1680*1050 resolution

Mac version will be released in June 2024

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