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INTAMSYS, a professional 3D printer manufacturer launches a new website to better reflect its products & services. Over the last few years, INTAMSYS has launched various high grade professional 3D printers into the market. These products are very well received by the customers for the quality, consistency and reliability of the machines. Though the machines are of top-notch standard, the website didn’t fully reflect the same. Taking this into consideration, the company has launched a new portal to fully reflect the company’s offerings.

“New website is a step towards standardization of corporate and machine branding. INTAMSYS stands for high quality, industrial grade machines and the website is an attempt to reflect the same.”, says Charles Han, CEO, INTAMSYS.

Below are the various key elements of the website


New website has an online shop facility where customers can purchase the spare parts and machines directly. For the time being, machines aren’t listed on the shop but over time we intend to sell machines also online. Customers can compare various 3D Printers and arrive at an informed decision.


Community has become a fundamental need for 3D printing users. In this section users can share, learn and get their doubts clarified. Understanding the importance of the same, we have launched a new community section in the website. In this section, customers can engage with other 3D printing enthusiasts seamlessly.

Case Studies

We have listed various case studies from our existing customers in the website. These case studies are meant to showcase how INTAMSYS 3D printers are used by our existing customers to solve their day to day problems. This helps potential customers get an understanding of the machines and their utility.

Latest News

Finally, latest news section helps potential customers and website visitors get an idea on the happenings in the 3D Printing industry across the globe. We shall be posting interesting content on 3D printing industry, various tips & tricks and so on to educate our customers on where the industry is headed to.

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