INTAMSYS X Victrex AM 200 Contest
VICTREX AM 200 2021-06-03T14:02:31+08:00

Win a free spool of VICTREX AMTM 200!

Have you ever met the printed PEEK parts with poor interlayer bonding strength, decrease in the strength in the Z direction, and the material’s excellent mechanical properties are difficult to be fully realized in 3D printed parts? 

The excellent mechanical properties of PAEK are in demand for high-performance parts. VICTREX AM 200 filament has been specifically developed by VICTREX for use in additive manufacturing with the approach to redesign the polymer at a molecular level, achieving better prints without using additives or plasticizers. This new material is designed to improve the 3D printing results of PAEK for stronger, more stable parts compare to PEEK.

If you ever wanted to test VICTREX AM 200 you have today the chance to win a free spool of AM 200. Register your application and tell us why you need AM 200 to realize this application and where you benefit from the great properties of AM 200. Please fill out information below for your chance to WIN A FREE SPOOL OF AM 200!

We will select TOP 5 Applications in June and the winner will receive a FREE 500g SPOOL of VICTREX AM 2001. INTAMSYS experts will provide you with the necessary consultation to print your application with AM 200. Please submit your application before June 11th.

  1. Sponsor free spool of AM 200 by Victrex, there are two situations:
    S1: the WINNER owned INTAMSYS printer: The selected applicants will receive a 500g spool free of charge, print the parts with INTAMSYS printer and get consultancy from INTAMSYS Expert to ensure the printed parts quality.
    S2: the WINNER does not have the INTAMSYS printer: The selected applicants will virtually receive the material, but instead of getting the spool they will get the consultancy and the parts will be printed by INTAMSYS Experts.
  2. *Disclaimer
    By submitting and complying the above steps herein; you are allowing INTAMSYS and VICTREX to use and publish the application information and printed parts images applied for this contest. The collected information will not be used in any illegal activity and will be only used by INTAMSYS and VICTREX’s general marketing purpose.