Q: What 3D printers are available at INTAMSYS

A: INTAMSYS FUNMAT series 3D printers are mainly used in aerospace, national defense, automotive industry, general manufacturing, education and scientific research, medical and other aspects, you can choose the models according to your actual applications, and welcome to contact us, we are very pleasure to offer you the reference and suggestions.

FUNMAT PRO 610HT: high-performance materials, large printing size, primary for industrial manufacturing, dual nozzles, high quality

FUNMAT PRO 410: multi-materials, intelligent, Quasi-industrial grade, dual nozzles, high quality

FUNMAT PRO 310: engineering materials, desk-level large printing size, dual nozzles, high quality

FUNMAT HT: high-performance material, desk-level large printing size, high cost effective

FUNMAT PRO: engineer materials, large printing size

Q: What support can I get after purchasing an INTAMSYS 3D printer?
A: The customer has a one-year warranty after purchasing the machine. If there are any problems with the machine, you can contact your local distributor for technical support. The distributors of INTAMSYS are fully trained to provide you with the best solutions and technical support. If the problem cannot be resolved by the distributor, INTAMSYS technicians will step in to help you recover your printer as soon as possible.
Q: What are the ways to send the print files?

A: For FUNMAT PRO 310, FUNMAT PRO 410, FUNMAT PRO 610HT, files can be sent to the device through wired/wireless LAN or USB flash drive, taking into account efficiency and data security considerations. At the same time, the remote printing function can be realized through the API.

FUNMAT HT and FUNMAT PRO uses SD cards to load print files.

Q: What functions and applications can dual nozzles printers achieve?


(1)Make the support material (right nozzle) easier to be removed off the model (left nozzle)

(2)To have 2 colors but the same material

(3)Mirror printing feature like FUNMAT PRO 310.

Q: The purpose of setting temp of chamber and build-plate
A: Setting a reasonable temp on chamber and build-plate can make the temp of formed model close to Tg (glass transition temperature), so as to fully release the internal stress of the model, which avoids warping, cracking, or else surface quality issues.
Q: There is information about cooling fan’s power/ratio on the package of material, so what’s the function of the cooling fan in extruder?

A: FDM is like a bonding process between layers. The new layer of extruded filament reheats the previous layer and make it a little melt, which makes the bonding better. Improper settings of filament cooling fan can cause issues with molding. If the power is too large, the bonding between layers will be poor. If the power is too small, the heat dissipation of extruded filament is not enough, therefore, extruded filament cannot be concretely molded, it has relatively high dynamic viscosity and fluidity, which would cause collapse.

It’s necessary to understand the relevant information from the material supplier before molding. You are also welcome to contact INTAMSYS after-sales service team in your region for such information.

Q: When do I need to level the build-plate again?

A: The leveling on build-plate has great influence on the successful rate of molding. It is necessary to re-do the leveling when there are following circumstance (including but not limit to).

(1) After replacing nozzle, hot end and else parts around nozzle.

(2) After taking extruder assembly off the machine for repair or maintenance.

(3) After replacing the build-plate (glass, magnetic PI panel, PC sheet or steel sheet), different printer uses different build-plate.

(4) Poor adhesion or warping issue with Raft, Brim, Skirt.

Q: Whether the firmware upgrade of machine is easy to do?

A: Yes, it’s quite easy. It only costs you one minute.

(1) For firmware upgrade: connect the machine to your laptop via USB cable (in the list of machine’s accessories), then select upgrade option in slicing software – INTAMSUITE.

(2) For software upgrade (touch screen): the UI in touch screen can be upgraded. Just download the files, put them into flash drive, insert it into machine’s USB port and click the “upgrade” icon to finish the process.

Q: Can the flash drive be unplugged during molding?
A: For FUNMAT PRO 310, FUNMAT PRO 410, FUNMAT PRO 610HT, files can be loaded via USB flash drive. Click “start printing”, then USB flash drive can be unplugged after molding starts. This will not terminate the molding. (For FUNMAT HT and FUNMAT PRO, unplug SD card will terminate the molding)
Q: When molding was done, will machine stop heating to save power?

A: It depends. INTAMSYS’s 3D printers have heat preservation feature. We suggest you:

(1) If you are close to the printer, when the molding is done, please take it out right away. Therefore, you can save the power. And the model cools quickly to avoid the phenomena such as warping (except the material with low temp setting on build-plate)

(2) If you are available to take the model out in time, it’s better to use heat preservation feature. When model was done and heat preservation feature is off, model cools down together with the chamber and other device, so it’s relatively more slowly. Thus, warping issue might happen through the slow change in temp.

Q: If an unexpected power failure occurred during molding, can the molding continue after power supply restored?
A: So far, both FUNMAT HT and FUNMAT PRO 410 has this feature to counter power failure issue (power supply can be restored in 5-10 minutes). Meanwhile, you need to know that if it finally took too much time to restore the power supply, molding cannot be continued because of too much temp decreasing on chamber and build-plate.
Q: The choice between high-performance plastic and engineering plastic

A: High-performance plastics include PEEK、PEEK-CF、PEEK-GF、PEKK、PEI9085、PEI1010、PPSU、PPS

Engineering plastics include PC、PC-ABS、PC-FR、PC-PBT、PA6/66、PA12、PA6-CF、PA12-CF、ABS、ASA

High-performance plastics are better than engineering plastics in terms of strength, thermostability, chemical resistance and weatherability etc., and can be used instead of metal in certain application scenarios, meanwhile the price will be higher. Select th suitable materials accordingly based on specific scenarios. If there are needs on flame retardant, biocompatible, electrical insulation or other, you can choose the material with corresponding characteristics, our technicians can also provide you the advice on that.

Q: Weather third-party filaments can be used on 3D printers of INTAMSYS?

A: Yes, they can.

At the same time, you need to know that due to differences in formulation of filament from different producer, different settings (temp of nozzle & chamber & build-plate, printing speed, flow, fan speed, etc) need to be applied in slice software to achieve good printing performance. You need to get the above information from the filament producer before printing. The parameters of these settings have an interval, you need to address the most appropriate parameter, in order to have perfect printing performance and molding quality.

We suggest you using the filaments of INTAMSYS, because INTAMSYS developed the more suitable processing parameter settings to our own filaments and will keep optimizing them for better performance and more scenarios, all these have been embedded into the slice software – INTAMSUITE. This of course can save your time as well as bring you good experience and good model quality.

Q: What’s the diameter of the supported filament.
A: All 3D printers of INTAMSYS support the filament with 1.75mm diameter.
Q: Is it important to dry the filament before molding?
A: In general, most plastics have water absorption and it depends on ambient humidity. And the same kind of materials with different formulations have different water absorption. The water absorption of filament will directly affect the molding performance, such as wire drawing, poor surface quality, even lower molding success rate. So, it is very important to fully dry the filament before molding.
Q: How to dry the filaments

A: We strongly recommend that the most of filament should be dried before molding, and INTAMSYS provides a special oven. Due to the different raw material and formula of the filament itself, the temperature and time required for drying are also different. You can consult the filament suppliers to get the drying conditions of specific filaments.

We also recommend that you’d better prepare the appropriate material storage method to avoid the rapid increase of water absorption caused by the exposure of filaments to indoor humid ambient.

Q: If the filament was exhausted during molding, does new filament can be attached to continue molding?
A: The series of 3D printer of INTAMSYS offer the feature of filament absence warning. When filaments are exhausted, the sensor will detect it and an alert message will pop up in touch screen, telling you to reload the filament to continue the molding. Meanwhile, the machine will keep the temp of chamber and build-plate during the pause to prevent the negative effects happening on the model due to temp changes.
Q: Can INTAMSYS’s 3D printers print high performance plastics like PEEK?

A: Yes, they can.

INTAMSYS focuses on industrial 3D printing equipment manufacturing and application development, its mature equipment (such as: FUNMAT HT, FUNMAT PRO 410, FUNMAT PRO 610HT) can print PEEK, PEEK-CF/GF, PEKK, PEI, PPSU and other high-performance materials. And we also provide quite mature processing parameter settings (embedded in the official slicing software INTAMSUITE) and application cases. You can contact INTAMSYS after-sales service team in your area for technical support information on high-performance material molding.

Parts & Accessories
Q: Can third-party nozzle be used in INTAMSYS’s 3D printers?
A: No, it can’t. There would be frequent nozzle clogging issues if third-party nozzle was used.
Q: What’s the service lifespan of the nozzles?

A: It’s hard to conclude the precise service lifespan of the nozzles. The characteristic of material, different material switch, different using conventions or else affect on it.

We recommend you observing the wear of the nozzle to determine if it needs to be replaced. Meanwhile, we recommend you preparing several nozzles, one individual nozzle for one specific material, this can significantly increase the service lifespan of an individual nozzle, and lower the possibility of nozzle clogging. (after different material fixing in nozzle, carbonization can easily happen due to high temp, this short the diameter of nozzle and leads nozzle clogging)

INTAMSYS offers different kinds of nozzles for different filaments and applications. For example: brass nozzle (for universal material with good cost-effective), CuCrZr nozzle (better temp control, for materials have narrow window on temp), harden steel (better wear-resistance performance, for materials with carbon fiber added), ruby nozzle (extreme wear-resistance performance)

Q: What’s the purpose of the molecular sieve dryer in the accessories of printer?

A: We’ve mentioned the importance of maintaining filament drying on molding quality and success rate. Therefore, we also need to control the humidity inside filament chamber to keep filament dry. So, we offer 2 solutions:

(1) For FUNMAT PRO 310 and FUNMAT PRO 410, we offer 2 kinds of molecular sieve, and the filament chamber equips humidity sensor, which makes the ambient humidity inside filament chamber under control. And the low ambient humidity inside filament chamber can be maintained for more than 3 weeks under closed conditions. The molecular sieve desiccant also can be repeatedly dried via the oven to achieve recycling.

(2) For FUNMAT PRO 610, machine continuously blows dried compressed air into filament chamber as well as heating filament chamber to keep a low ambient humidity. The compressed air is greatly dried by the built-in industrial-grade air dehumidifier.

Q: Whether additional tools and equipments required for daily maintenance?
A: We have prepared all the necessary tools for your daily maintenance in the accompanying accessories of each printer, so you do not have to buy additional tools yourself.
Q: How can I buy the spare parts?
A: An on-line store is on the way where you can buy the spare parts or other functional options for the machines that you need. Or, you can also contact the distributors or our after-sales service team to place the orders. At the same time, you can log onto our on-line technical support center for the guidance to replace the specific parts.
Slicing Software
Q: What formats of files can the slicing software – INTAMSUITE read?
A: NTAMSUITE slicing software can read mainstream native format file (. STL /. The STP /. Obj/x3d /. 3 mf /. Iges etc format). These format file can be sliced directly without format conversion, which avoid model resolution degradation due to format conversion.
Q: Does INTAMSYS’s 3D printer compatible with the G-code files generated by other slicing software?
A: Yes, it does. Meanwhile, some unique features are not compatible. We recommend you using INTAMSYS’s slicing software – INTAMSUITE to active the appropriate craft package of parameter and settings and have better performance.
Q: What are the special features of INTAMSUITE slicing software?

A: Here are some of them, we also have many other features to enhance your experience.

(1) The craft package of parameter and settings that leads high successful rate. Save your time and improve your experience. It makes life easier.

(2) Allow you to put some things into model, and make it sealed in model. Molding can be paused at a certain layer to allow you to do that, click “continue” after that.

(3) One model with multiple versions of settings displayed togethe, this makes the differences among different version of settings visible in one window when you check layer by layer.

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