3D Printing in Education

Immersive Learning, Critical Thinking, Innovation


3D printing enhances learning experience of students by enabling immersive learning.

When explaining new concepts, teachers can print the models of the concepts and pass them around to the students.

Students can gain a deeper and more direct understanding by experiencing the models compared to traditional textbook learning.


Critical thinking has become all too important to thrive in a technology-oriented economy where logic, reasoning, connecting the dots have all become necessary.

By providing a 3D design environment, students can think deeper about various issues and able revise issues on the go. It also allows students to collaborate and debate on various ideas.


Innovation has become the cornerstone of economic growth and advancement of mankind.

Students can now use 3D Printing to expedite the process of generating innovative ideas and bring those ideas to reality.

Student Projects 3D Printed with INTAMSYS