Watch FUNMAT PRO HT in Action at Formnext 2017

Funmat Pro HT

Definition of efficiency in additive manufacturing evolves rapidly in today’s hyper-competitive environment. On the transformative journey from rapid prototyping to production of end-use parts, efficiency has evolved to become the results of:

  1. Cost-saving functional prototyping and production
  2. Full-size unibody printing in high resolution
  3. Auto printing recovery after power outage
  4. Filament absent warning for seamless production
  5. Capable of printing in a wide range of materials, from standard to high performance.

The FUNMAT PRO HT is engineered by INTAMSYS to deliver that desired efficiency and values sought by the industries.

The FUNMAT PRO HT is INTAMSYS’ largest and most powerful 3D printer to date and it will be unveiled by Charles Han, CEO of INTAMSYS at Formnext in Frankfurt, Germany.

The FUNMAT PRO HT has unequivocally opened up even more possibilities to scientists, engineers, researchers, physicians and designers for advanced researches, engineering and industrial applications.
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