INTAMSYS at Formnext Germany: Launch of FUNMAT PRO HT and Company Keynote

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INTAMSYS had an amazing show at Formnext in Germany last week.

The CEO of INTAMSYS, Charles Han unveiled the FUNMAT PRO HT on the first day of Formnext. The machine is the largest and most advanced 3D printer engineered by INTAMSYS to date. The full-size build volume that comes with the FUNMAT PRO HT empowers users to print parts up to 450mm x 450mm x 600mm in high performance functional materials and a broad range of engineering thermoplastics.

The new machine’s capability of printing large-size end-use parts in PEEK, PEI Ultem and PPSU was well received by Formnext attendees.

Meanwhile, on the TCT Introducing @ Formnext Stage, INTAMSYS’ Marketing Director Chun Pin Lim was invited to deliver a presentation titled “Industrial 3D Printing in High Performance Functional Materials” which highlighted metal-replacing applications printed in high performance semi-crystalline and amorphous polymers by users of INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT globally.