Are you ready to dive into the cutting-edge world of 3D Printing Industry? Join us for an insightful and captivating webinar that will focus on enabling complex geometries with INTAMSYS support material solutions.

During the webinar, we will try to answer the question of how different applications can be printed with the help of INTAMSYS breakaway support materials (HIPS, SP3050, SP5040 and SP5080), water-soluble support materials (PVA and SP3030) and hybrid support materials (SP5000).

The webinar will be 1 hour with two different sessions for different time zones and in both sessions, the last 15 minutes will be dedicated to Q&A session.

Date: September 20, 2023

Time: 11 AM CET (Central European Time) / 5 AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time) 

           5 PM CET (Central European Time) / 11 AM EDT (Eastern Daylight Time)

Location: Online Webinar

To join the session on 11 AM CET / 5 AM EDT, please register here: 

To join the session on 5 PM CET / 11 AM EDT, please register here:

AMUG 2023

What you will learn:

– Advantages of using dual nozzle and the disadvantages of not using dual nozzle

– Exploring INTAMSYS 3D Printers with dual nozzle (FUNMAT PRO 310, FUNMAT PRO 610HT and FUNMAT PRO 410) and the usage of support materials

– INTAMSYS Support Material Solutions and the complex geometries you can print by using our solution

The Speaker:

Timm Woszidlo, Application & Technical Support Manager – INTAMSYS Technology GmbH

With a wealth of knowledge acquired over 7 years of dedicated 3D Printing experience, Timm Woszidlo possesses an extensive understanding of the 3D Printing industry, including its technical intricacies, material capabilities, potential applications, and the technology itself.

Since joining INTAMSYS Technology GmbH in 2019, he has been supporting technical projects and working on different applications. He has been actively involved in numerous projects that have showcased the potential of 3D printing across diverse applications throughout his career.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to gain an insight to complex geometries with support material solutions! 

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