INTAMSYS Garners 2 Nominations for the 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards

INTAMSYS Two Nominations for 2018 3D Printing Industry Awards

INTAMSYS Garners 2 Nominations for the 3D Printing Industry Awards 2018 

 3D Printing Industry Awards is one of the most prestigious 3D printing awards for the global additive manufacturing community. Each year, the awards recognize outstanding achievements and innovation that span all areas of the 3D printing ecosystem.

This year, the nominations received by INTAMSYS are in the categories of:



 1.   Enterprise 3D Printer of The Year (Polymers)


      2.   Aerospace or Automotive Application



The 2 nominations mark INTAMSYS’ first year of entering into the 3D Printing Industry Awards.



The first nomination is for the FUNMAT HT, the INTAMSYS 3D printer that has gained worldwide recognitions for its proven capabilities of printing reliably in PEEK, ULTEMTM, PPSU, Carbon Fiber Nylon, PC-ABS and a broad range of engineering polymers.



Meanwhile, the nomination for the category of aerospace or automotive application is the result of creative and productive use of the FUNMAT HT by a leading automotive parts manufacturer. 



The winners will be announced by 3D Printing Industry on May 17th. You can cast your vote HERE today.

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