Lots of Ambition of the GreenTeam’s New Race Car

The GreenTeam at the University of Stuttgart rolls out its new racing car for the upcoming season. The team members presented the electric racing car E0711-11 EVO.


The electric racing car E0711-11 EVO is named after EVO, a record-breaking racing car from the Stuttgart area. In this season, GreenTeam focused on developing the EVO. “Over the course of the last two years, we have redeveloped almost every component”, says Karsten Müller, who is responsible for overall vehicle management. The students developed a new wheel package, which delivers more freedom in terms of aerodynamics and kinematics. They also created a solid carbon rim, a new brake caliper and applied multiple 3D-printed parts to the system.

GreenTeam developed various applications with 3D printer in their new electrical racing car. There are in total around 99 printed parts used in the car. In addition, there were much more parts printed as spare parts so that they are prepared for the season and can replace the parts very quickly. This is the first car developed by GreenTeam that has so many 3D printed parts in high-performance polymers. The printed parts by FUNMAT HT contributes more than half kilo weight reduction on the EVO. And this is just the beginning.




Photo credited by GreenTeam, FUNMAT HT is printing part for variety applications

The high-performance polymers can be perfectly used in a racing car as they are with sufficient mechanical properties, the parts can be printed on-demand with low cost and short lead time. In addition, due to the non-conductivity, it is preferred to use plastic parts instead of metal parts in electric vehicles.

INTAMSYS is very honored to sponsor GreenTeam with a FUNMAT HT 3D printer, INTAM™ filaments, and consultation for the new electrical racing car. The 3D printed parts are used in different subsystems such as battery system, braking system and power electronics. The E0711-11 EVO must withstand extreme conditions. There are several requirements as the superb mechanical properties, high chemical resistance, good flame retardancy and the high strength-to-weight ratio that can be fulfilled with by the usage of high-performance polymers.

GreenTeam printed busbars for the high voltage battery system with ULTEM™ 9085, which provide automotive with a high performance, chemically resistant, thermally-stable, cost-effective alternative to metal that is strong enough to replace steel in some applications yet light enough to replace aluminum in others. Most importantly, they can saved more than 100g on these parts compared with the parts previous produced with parts by CNC-machining.




Photo credited by GreenTeam, 3D printed printed customized spacers – ULTEM™ 1010

INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT is specially designed to 3D print high-performance polymers like PEEK, ULTEM and PA, it can be also used to process all traditional engineering materials like PA, PC, ABS and others. The parts printed with high thermal resistant materials like PEEK, PPSU or ULTEM are used to build real parts like fixtures, spacers, and busbars in the electrical vehicle, that were used in the previous cars. ABS and PC are also used to build some covers and housings for different components. GreenTeam will continue using INTAMSYS 3D printer and high-performance polymers to future application demands.




GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart is a student organization that designs, builds, and tests fully-electric racing cars for the Formula Student Electric competition. Founded in 2009 at the University of Stuttgart in Germany, the team is composed of students from many different fields: mechanical and electrical engineering, business administration, humanities, and communication studies.




INTAMSYS is a world-leading high-tech company providing 3D printing and industrial direct additive manufacturing solutions for high-performance materials. Focusing on aerospace, aviation, automotive, electronic manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, scientific research and other industries, the company provides comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions from functional test prototyping, tooling and fixture manufacturing to direct mass production of final products, covering equipment, software, high-performance materials and printing services.

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