INTAMSYS Brings 3D Printing Solutions into the Aircraft Interiors World

We will be participating in AIME 2024 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on March 5-6. Our cutting-edge 3D printing solutions will be showcased as we have been dedicated to revolutionizing the aviation sector through our innovative technologies.

The show is co-located with MRO Middle East as part of the Aviation Week Network, and we are excited to meet industry professionals once again at the event.

Inlet Lip for UAV, material used: PEEK-CF, the printer: FUNMAT PRO 610HT


At AIME 2024, Aircraft Interiors Middle East, we are eager to present our high-performance 3D printing solutions specifically tailored for the aviation industry. We offer a range of benefits that cater specifically to the unique demands of aerospace applications. The event will take place in Dubai World Trade Centre, you can visit us at booth 548.

We will also explore the Power of 3D Printing with INTAMSYS in Aviation and Beyond with our Application & Technical Support Manager Timm Woszidlo at On-board Hub Stage on March 5th at 2 PM!

INTAMSYS offers key advantages for the aviation industry, including repairs and maintenance with the ability to create custom components with complex geometries in a short lead time. The on-demand production capabilities and design freedom enable flexible manufacturing, addressing the dynamic demands of the industry.

As we excel in providing rapid prototyping solutions, allowing professionals to quickly reiterate and test designs can be achieved. The technology enables the production of complex yet lightweight parts, contributing to increased efficiency and overall weight reduction.

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Stand Number: 548


  • FUNMAT PRO 410

The company will be displaying their FUNMAT PRO 410 on the booth at AIME. The FUNMAT PRO 410 is an industrial-grade 3D Printer system characterized by its high-performance and multi material capabilities. Combining a respectable build volume with excellent print quality, it is a great choice for professionals and industrial users. With a simple setup and intuitive operation, the FUNMAT PRO 410 is also easy to use.

INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410 (photo credits: INTAMSYS).


INTAMSYS´ one of the other 3D Printing solutions is FUNMAT PRO 610HT. With a 610 x 508 x 508mm build volume, the FUNMAT PRO 610HT is INTAMSYS´ largest and most feature-packed 3D printer. Its high-temperature thermal system includes a 300°C constant chamber temperature and 500°C extruders temperature with all-metal hot end. Using its dual nozzles, the FUNMAT PRO 610HT is ideal for printing large high-performance functional materials using materials like PEEK, ULTEMTM (PEI), PPSU & more. It is capable of handling almost every high-performance thermoplastic material available on the market.

The image on the left: INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 610HT

The image on the right: UUV Housing, material used: PEKK, the printer: FUNMAT PRO 610 HT

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