INTAMSYS delivers FFF 3D printers to China’s leading Service Bureau Junchen Group


Photo: Junchen Group CEO and INTAMSYS CEO

On August 24, 2021, INTAMSYS successfully delivered a batch of industrial FDM/FFF 3D printing equipment to Shanghai Junchen Group. This cooperation is the result of Junchen Group expanding its 3D printing service capabilities with industrial FDM/FFF 3D printers. 

The printing service bureau now has enhanced functional 3D printed parts production and processing capabilities, which is also a great achievement for INTAMSYS that has taken another solid step in promoting the application of industrial FDM/FFF technology to the Chinese prototyping market. Junchen Group is a high-tech enterprise focusing on 3D printing services and technology applications. With more than 200 industrial-grade 3D printing systems, it can provide customers with one-stop 3D printing services, including professional design and manufacturing integrated solutions and product customization. The whole printing service bureau covers 10 kinds of printing processes, including SLA, DLP, Polyjet, MJF, SLM, SLS, etc. 

3D printed prototypes can help customers greatly reduce production costs and shorten the time to market. 3D printing technology has been widely used in the production of prototypes for many years. With customers’ in-depth understanding of the application, more stringent requirements have been put forward on the mechanical properties, fatigue resistance, and resistance to harsh environments of printed parts. Expectations are now that 3D printed parts can not only meet the appearance requirements, but also perform functional tests.



Su Dawei, CEO of Junchen Group, said: “The additive manufacturing process has become one of the preferred production processes in the prototype market, especially in the manufacturing industry, which has a wider application base. There are several different forms of additive manufacturing, and each process has its own advantages. With the expansion of the application offered by the wide variety of 3D printing materials, Junchen Group decided to formally introduce the industrial FDM/FFF printing process into our process system on August this year. The industrial FDM/FFF printing process can complement the currently used SLS/MJF printing process. FDM/FFF printing can solve the problem of large-size high-performance material parts and thermal deformation of thin-walled parts, and it also gives more material options. The high-performance printed plastics have a corrosion resistance, a high temperature resistance, a high strength, a good flame retardancy. This is especially true for high performance materials such as PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM, PPSU, etc. and engineering materials such as PC, PA, ABS.”

He continued explaining that Junchen has always maintained in-depth cooperation with various 3D printing equipment manufacturers. In 2021, it began to cooperate with INTAMSYS in the industrial FDM/FFF field. INTAMSYS is a high-tech company focusing on industrial FDM/FFF technology research and technology application. The INTAMSYS 3D printers have been widely adopted by world-renowned companies in the automotive, aerospace and other industrial sectors. In promoting the application of 3D printing technology to different industrial fields, INTAMSYS is perfectly in line with the philosophy of the Junchen Group. We are very honored to be able to come together with INTAMSYS to promote innovative industrial FDM/FFF additive manufacturing solutions, and together to promote the rapid penetration and development of 3D printing technology into even more industries!”

Industrial grade 3D production solution

Among the systems delivered by INTAMSYS this year, the FUNMAT PRO 610 HT clearly stands out with its printing build volume that can meet the low volume production needs of large-size parts. Generally, the build volume size of industrial FDM/FFF 3D printing equipment is below 400x400x400mm, but the FUNMAT PRO 610 HT goes beyond that and enables you to print parts up to 610*508*508mm.

ULTEM part printed on the FUNMAT PRO 610 HT

This system is equipped with all-metal dual nozzles that can reach up to 500°C, which can print almost all thermoplastic materials available on the market. The high chamber temperature also make possible the integration of printing and post-processing, with the printed parts that can be better shaped, and that have higher mechanical strength and lower internal stress. In order to improve the printing success rate and to reduce equipment maintenance time, the FUNMAT PRO 610 HT is also equipped with a liquid cooling system.

ULTEM part printed on the FUNMAT PRO 610 HT

INTAMSYS CEO and founder, Charles Han, said: “INTAMSYS has always adhered to the vision and original intention of promoting 3D printing from prototype manufacturing to mass production, and has put the emphasis on promoting the company’s development with technology and product innovation. The company is one of the first companies to provide 3D printing solutions for PEEK material and has always been a leader and promoter in this field.

At the same time, we at INTAMSYS continue to promote more innovative research on high-performance & engineering materials 3D printing solutions, and we have successively launched the industrial FDM/FFF 3D printer FUNMAT PRO 410 for engineering plastics, which is mainly used for customer function testing in the automotive and aerospace fields, as well as for tooling and fixture manufacturing. Facing customers’ increasing demand for small-batch manufacturing, and after nearly 4 years of continuous R&D investment, the industrial FDM/FFF equipment FUNMAT PRO 610 HT for mass production applications was launched in 2020, filling the gap in the domestic market and meeting the demand for high-performance materials and the demand for small batch production of engineering plastics.

Junchen Group is an innovator and pioneer in the application of 3D printing for mass production within the prototype industry in China. It has a very deep knowledge of the 3D printing technology applications, especially in the fields of automotive, aerospace and home appliances. Their rich experience in Additive Design (DFAM), printing services and post-processing is very impressive. The visions of both the Junchen Group and INTAMSYS in promoting 3D printing to mass production perfectly match. Our industrial FDM/FFF solutions will enhance Junchen Group’s capabilities regarding the prototypes functional verification and their small batch production. The cooperation between the two parties will enable the development of numerous innovative applications in the domestic prototype market.”

About Junchen Commercial Group

Junchen Commercial Group is a high-technology enterprise focusing on 3D printing services and technology applications. The company has more than 200 units of industrial grade 3D printers. The printing materials include resin, nylon, metal, full-color resin, red wax and others. The production scale attached an area of 10000 +m2, with offices in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Henan, Guangdong and Tianjin. All are equipped with one-stop services such as 3D design, 3D scanning, 3D printing and surface technology. 

Junchen Commercial Group is one of the first 3D printing service providers to introduce full-color 3D printers and to have a large installed volume in China. It can quickly provide professional “design and manufacturing” comprehensive solutions and product customization service to the customers. On December 30, 2020, Junchen Commercial Group successfully got listed in small science and technology innovation in the Shanghai Stock, becoming the first domestic additive manufacturing 3D printing service enterprise to be successfully listed. For further information, visit


INTAMSYS is a world-leading high-tech company providing 3D printing and industrial direct additive manufacturing solutions for high-performance materials. It is co-founded by a team of engineers from world-class high-tech companies engaged in precision equipment development and high-performance materials research for many years.

Focusing on aerospace, aviation, automotive, electronic manufacturing, consumer goods, healthcare, scientific research and other industries, the company provides comprehensive additive manufacturing solutions from functional test prototyping, tooling and fixture manufacturing to direct mass production of final products, covering equipment, software, high-performance materials and printing services.


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