INTAMSYS EMEA concludes successful pre-sales training to enable its sales partners to grow sales

Stuttgart, October 12 – At the start of October, INTAMSYS held in Stuttgart, Germany, pre-sales training workshops over a 4 days period. In total, 18 persons from various INTAMSYS resellers across Europe were trained.

We hosted sales partner representatives from the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Sweden, Slovenia and Germany, who despite the Covid-19 related challenges brought upon this event,  confirmed their attendance to gain deeper knowledge on how to work with the FUNMAT PRO 410 on one hand and how to print successfully with high performance engineering plastics, such as PEEK and PEI (Ultem®) on the other hand.

The INTAMSYS FUNMAT PRO 410 was first released in late 2019 and is, after the entry-industrial level FUNMAT HT printer, the first industrial-grade high-temperature printing system, with a high level of versatility with regards to a different type of materials, supported by INTAMSYS open material strategy as well as productivity and control features such as a large build volume, 500°C nozzle temperature, dual extruder, water-cooled heads, and a heated filament chamber.

Following last years’ opening of our EMEA regional office in Stuttgart (Germany) area to become a truly global leading brand in high-performance polymer 3D printing solutions, these training workshops are next step activities in the business development and channel partner enabling. At the start of this summer, one partner deployed an own use FUNMAT PRO 410 system to demonstrate, build parts and simulate customer scenarios. Today, 3 months later, concurring Covid-19 pandemic uncertainty and travel restrictions, more than 10 sales partners in the EMEA region own a FUNMAT PRO 410 system, demonstrating their commitment and sharing with us the belief in the huge opportunity for high-performance polymer 3D printed parts.

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