INTAMSYS releases a new enhanced FUNMAT HT !

INTAMSYS releases a new enhanced FUNMAT HT !

DEC 5, 2018

enhanced funmat ht

INTAMSYS is delighted to announce the release of the enhanced FUNMAT HT version.

In order to meet our customers expectations, our brand new enhanced FUNMAT HT includes 3 new features :

1) Auto-leveling. More convenient for printing preparation,

2) 4 individual drivers for filament loading, X-axis, Y-axis, Z-axis. Significant improvement for print precision and speed, as well as the reliability of the equipment,

3) New Build Plate design. Higher heating efficiency by using PI film. Print platform glass upgrade from Borosilicate Glass to Glass Ceramic, higher inflexibility and less thermal deformation.

New nozzle for the auto-leveling

Enhanced funmat ht new nozzle

Brand new Glass Ceramic build plate

Glass ceramic buildplate

Auto-leveling function

For enquiries about the enhanced FUNMAT HT, please contact

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