INTAMSYS launches its new desktop 3D printer at Formnext 2022

Once again, Formnext had another successful global additive manufacturing trade show in Frankfurt, Germany.

With 29,581 attendees and 802 exhibitors from 96 nations, it is the leading international trade fair for industrial Additive Manufacturing and advanced production technologies.

As an innovative high-tech 3D printing company, INTAMSYS launched the new engineering-grade 3d printer FUNMAT PRO 310 on the first day of Formnext.

The FUNMAT PRO 310 has a variety of features that raise its quality even further.

A reusable molecular sieve and an independent, sealed drying filament box work together to keep the machine’s humidity levels low over the long term without the need to dry the filament before printing. This is especially helpful for materials that absorb moisture, like nylon (PA).

Independent dual extruder (IDEX) dual nozzle system: “plug-and-play” and “easy to remove”.
This comprises a variety of printing settings, including support, dual material, mirror, and duplicate mode. ASA, ABS, PC, PC-ABS, PA, and PA-CF are just a few examples of engineering materials that it can 3D print.

Independent dual extrusion system (IDEX)

Printing capability and nozzle design with IDEX dual nozzle system

It can also print water-soluble/easily peeled support materials.

The FUNMAT PRO 310’s 7-inch, full-color touchscreen sports a revolutionary interface that is quick and simple to use.

FUNMAT PRO 310 touchscreen-scaled

The FUNMAT PRO 310’s 7-inch touchscreen

Features that are made possible by this include:

  • Automatic multi-point leveling that is intelligent
  • Real-time motion accuracy compensation
  • Conventional API interfaces
  • The seamless integration of industry 4.0 with production execution systems to satisfy client demand.

and more…

The FUNMAT PRO 310 adds a desktop system to the lineup, completing INTAMSYS’s range.

We are glad to have our trusted customers – Weerg, 4D Concepts GmbH, Richter Lighting Technologies, CAEP partners like BASF Forward AM, Victrex, and partners, who came from all around the globe, to celebrate the moment. Thank you for your continuing support, we’ll be back next year!

Impressions of the Formnext 2022

Bringing desktop 3D printing to the next - industrial level


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