The 2020 TCT Asia exhibition held in Shanghai, China, just ended. For those of you who did not have a chance to attend it, here is a recap.

After being delayed due to the pandemic, the 2020 TCT Asia has opened to the public on July 8, 2020. With an exhibition area of ​​15,000 square meters and more than 220 exhibitors, the show was definitely a huge success. Despite heavy entry restrictions and pouring rain, almost 4,000 visitors attended on the first day of the exhibition, an increase of 2% over the previous edition, signaling a full recovery of the domestic market.

INTAMSYS, as a leading industrial 3D printing company, attended the show with a large booth, enabling customers to discover its latest 3D printing solutions and applications. Among those applications, the high-speed flexible materials 3D printing area definitely stood up. Customers found out about INTAMSYS newly released 3D Printer, the FLEX 510, specially designed for the shoe industry. Visitors discovered the multi-color and multi-material 3D printing.


INTAMSYS other popular machines such as the FUNMAT HT and the FUNMAT PRO 410 were also displayed, with great PEEK and ULTEM parts being printed on the booth! Other materials, such as PC, PA, PA-CF, etc., were displayed as well, covering automotive, aerospace, tooling fixtures, consumer products market and other industrial applications.


At INTAMSYS we value large-scale high-performance materials 3D printing, so it was important for us to show the FUNMAT PRO 610 HT to our customers, and explain how they could get the most out of the machine. With a generous build volume of 610*508*508mm and a chamber temperature of 300C, the machine provides an ideal solution for customization, small batch production and functional part testing.

A large ULTEM part printed by the FUNMAT PRO 610 HT

Another booth area was dedicated to our CAEP (Customer Application Enabling Program), with different filament manufacturers being present, showing customers how INTAMSYS expertise can help them meet their expectations in terms of printing process, materials and printing results. Through continuous testing and comparison INTAMSYS can find out the characteristics of each material and which applications best suit them, providing customers with a clear guidance on how to optimize the printing parameters, and thus improving customer printing experience.

INTAMSYS is partnering with many filament manufacturers

INTAMSYS values technological innovation and industrial applications, with a clear goal of getting closer and closer to future mass production.

This exhibition reinforced our belief that the digital transformation of the manufacturing industry driven by Industry 4.0 will continue to deepen. 3D printing will expand to even more practical applications in the future. We are convinced that the implementation of the “additive thinking” in our process will help us achieve disruptive innovation breakthroughs in response to the dramatic changes we are going through.

The whole INTAMSYS team is looking forward to seeing you all next year for the 2021 TCT Asia!



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