INTAMSYS @TCT Birmingham

Join us for TCT Birmingham and see the FUNMAT PRO 410 & HT in action!


SEPT 24-26, NEC Birmingham, Booth E77, meet us and discover our 3D printing solutions.

The already popular FUNMAT HT and the much awaited FUNMAT PRO 410 will be showcased. Expect live demonstration and extremely hot prints!

For those not familiar yet with the FUNMAT PRO 410, it is an All-in-One Solution ideal not only for prototyping but also for demanding applications such as automotive, oil & gas, medical sector, aerospace, and much more.

Its industrial and thermal design enables to print a wide range of materials, from High Performance Functional Materials (PEEK, PEKK, ULTEM, PPSU, etc.) to Engineering Materials (PA, PA-CF, PC, ABS, etc.).

TCT Birmingham will be a great opportunity for our customers to (re)discover the FUNMAT HT. Renown for its PEEK printing capabilities, the FUNMAT HT is in fact much more than that!

Like the FUNMAT PRO 410, it is able to print a wide range of materials, with a high speed and high precision.

Customers often ask us what is unique about this machine? Well, an industrial printer on a desktop size is pretty much a revolution!

A closer look at the FUNMAT PRO 410 industrial design

For more information about the FUNMAT PRO 410, click HERE

For more information about the FUNMAT HT, click HERE


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