UNAcare Singapore uses the FUNMAT HT to produce parts for innovative wheelchairs

AUGUST 12TH 2019

UNAcare Singapore, producing the UNAwheel – the world’s lightest wheelchair power add-on, uses the FUNMAT HT for making some of its products parts.

‘’UNAwheel Mini is a revolutionary wheelchair device, being your personal UNiversal Assistant and guide to high-speed movement at the same time.’’

UNAcare Singapore found with the INTAMSYS FUNMAT HT the perfect solution for producing strong parts for a lower cost.

Some of the parts produced using the FDM 3D printing technology include :

  • 150mm nylon gear used in production and testing equipment.
  • Development of 2 adapters from PLA (design test) to ULTEM (functional test with full load) and then final production in Aluminum.
  • Prototyping of soft puncture proof tire: PLA for design test and Cheetah rubber for functional tests.
  • Wheelchair skis (end-user product). Combination of Nylon, CF Nylon and PetG.
  • Wheelchair clamps for different tube diameters and shape. From aluminum UNAcare mass produces only 30mm clamps, but some clients have 18-35mm tubes or even oval tubes. For those clients they 3d print custom clamps from CF Nylon and enforce them with standard stainless steel inlets. UNAcare may produce very tough clamps in 24 hours for any wheelchair.

UNACare stated ‘’3d printer nowadays is not an option, it is a must have for a company of any size. The main advantage of the INTAMSYS 3d printers is that it allows even small startups to work with all kind of materials and even those that were recently available only on super expensive printers.’’

In terms of cost, UNACare is more than satisfied ‘’one prototype of our adapter – even produced in China for a much lower price than anywhere else – would cost around 700-1500 Euros. Thanks to 3d printing we can produce 10 PLA prototypes, then make several prototypes from CF-Nylon or Ultem, thoroughly test them under full load, make the final tuning, and all of this for a much lower cost !’’

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