Xinlian College collaborates with INTAMSYS for 3D Lab

Xinlian College, Henan Normal University collaborates with INTAMSYS to set up state-of-art 3D printing lab in the university campus. Xinlian College was established in 2003 and was authorized by Ministry of National Education. It is an independent college offering bachelor’s degree programs. Xinlian college creates its own majors depending on the local industrial landscape. Most of the programs at the college are oriented towards skilling the students for the local industries and making them industry worthy.

With constant encouragement from the college officials, the college has set up a state-of-art 3D printing laboratory. From desktop-level 3D printer and scanner to industrial level machines, this laboratory is well equipped with various 3D printing related equipment and provides students a good environment to carry out some building design, industrial design and works of art.

“Every day we watch the work designed on our own come into shape layer by layer, it’s very exciting!” a teacher of Xinlian College said. Students are also very interested in this new technology, there are new works coming out constantly.

We, at INTAMSYS strongly believe that 3D Printing should be made mandatory in all schools and colleges. This way, once the students graduate from college they can implement this new technology in their work environment to bring in efficiency.

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