INTAMSYS Releases Medical Case Study on Bionic Knee Brace 3D Printed in PEEK

The knee is one of the most vulnerable and short-life hinge joints in the human anatomy, with an average life expectancy of 50 years. Many seniors are suffering different types of knee problem, which affects normal lifestyle and reduce mobility in their old age. Equipped with a magnetorheological damper, BioNEEK – a passive bionic exoskeleton brace designed and manufactured by Sichuan Ju An Hui Science and Technology features some clever engineering. With biomechanical assistance, BioNEEK enhances support, reduces impact, improves stability and maximizes the protection of the knee so that it can be constantly rehabilitated. The magnetorheological damper works just like a shock absorption system that reduces the impact on users’ knees while improving endurance and mobility. BIoNEEK The adjustable hinge on the BioNEEK is beneficial to users with chronic knee problems by preventing hyperextension, expediting rehabilitation and relieving pain. The hinge tracks users’ knee natural movement to maintain support and provide lateral stability to the ligaments whilst moving the joint. Ultra-Light PEEK 3D Printed Knee Brace Maximizes Protection and Enhances Mobility BioNEEK Sichuan Ju An Hui turned to INTAMSYS to produce BioNEEK’s brace due to the proven top quality and high consistency of INTAMSYS technology in PEEK 3D printing. The braces of BioNEEK were 3D printed on the FUNMAT PRO HT, the most advanced 3D printer of INTAMSYS capable of efficiently 3D printing large-size PEEK parts. Each BioNEEK user has individualized needs in terms of sizing of the knee brace therefore the ability to customize quickly with consistent results while maintaining the durability of the BioNEEK is critical to the patients of Sichuan Ju An Hui. STL The mechanical properties of PEEK parts printed on INTAMSYS printer can achieve 99.9 MPa in tensile strength and 3738 MPa in Young’s Modulus. Knee brace with PEEK as its main structure help prevent injury by giving users an additional layer of strength and protection. Foam padding is added to the brace to ensure a comfortable wearing experience. “With the outstanding mechanical strength and stiffness of PEEK coupled with the reliability of INTAMSYS 3D printing solution, Sichuan Ju An Hui is now able to swiftly customize according to customers’ sizes and produce BioNEEK that fit comfortably on the knees of each customer while delivering the industry-leading level of protection, made possible by 3D printed PEEK.” said Charles Han, CEO of INTAMSYS. Contact:  Chun Pin Lim

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  1. […]  «Grâce à la résistance mécanique et à la rigidité exceptionnelles du PEEK et à la fiabilité de la solution d’impression 3D INTAMSYS, Sichuan Ju An Hui peut maintenant personnaliser rapidement selon les tailles des clients et produire des BioNEEK qui s’adaptent confortablement aux genoux de chaque client. Un niveau de protection inégalé dans l’industrie, rendu possible grâce au PEEK imprimé en 3D », explique Charles Han, PDG d’INTAMSYS. […]

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