Acrus Co., Ltd., a Japan based agricultural manufacturing equipment company uses the FUNMAT PRO 410 to develop unique products

Acrus Co., Ltd. is a lighting, medical, nursing, fishery, and agricultural-related equipment manufacturing and sales company located in Higashiosaka City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

With “R&D” and “Manufacturing” at the core of the company, and with the will to overcome challenges, they have developed very unique products such as the sea urchin cotton remover “Uuni Watakuru” that beautifully removes sea urchin’s body, as well as a device to avoid slugs.

President Yamauchi said that the main reasons for using the FUNMAT PRO 410 are:

  • the cost of materials which is very cheap
  • large build volume
  • fast printing
  • low operating cost of consumables
3D printed parts of the ozone generator

In the future, with the use of the FUNMAT PRO 410, the company’s products will be further updated and upgraded, and the company might become “Acrus, a 3D printing processing company for super engineering plastics”.

President Yamauchi and the FUNMAT PRO 410

For more information, watch (in Japanese):

About Acrus Co., Ltd.:

About the FUNMAT PRO 410:

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